Bergen | New York | Shanghai



The seven principles guiding our work:



1. Facilitating Connection

At the core of our practice is an ambition to create space for meaningful social life and human connection. We are privileged to have a presence in three wonderful urban laboratories: Bergen, New York City, and Shanghai. This gives us an extensive understanding of culture and community.


2. Honoring Nature

We believe that nature plays a fundamental role in the quality of people’s lives. As such, nature is a key component in our work, both through the integration of landscape and building, and through respecting the fragility of natural ecosystems.


3. Understanding Context

An important part of our Nordic heritage is the relentless pursuit to understand the place we work in - both the environmental conditions and the social, economical, and cultural context.


4. Disregarding Borders

We pride ourselves in being a globally oriented practice, and consider the multitude of cultures, building practices, and social norms only strengthens our design repertoire.


5. Telling Stories

A successful building project hinges on a strong understanding of the narrative structure. This is why, rather than creating blueprints, we craft stories. Stories that articulate the vision. Stories that engage and connect people.

6. Challenging Convention

A key component of our practice is to always question convention. We decompose conventional solutions into its constituent parts and critically assess the value of each element’s contribution. This allow us to simplify, improve, and propose innovative solutions.


7. Working Together

Last, but not least, we pride ourselves in working with an amazing team of consultants and collaborators. A chain is no stronger than its weakest link. We make sure that none of the links are weak.